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YAJ architects create contemporary architecture within three fields: tourism + hospitality, housing and planning + infrastructure. The common denominator is an architecture offering unique sensations for clients who have high expectations of the innovative capacity of the architect.

tourism + architectural branding

Our projects within the field of tourism include water front designs and marinas around the Swedish coastline; yacht clubs with restaurants, shops, and mini-spas; resort homes and hotels; mountain resorts, baths, arenas, museums as wells as terminals and train/coach stations.


On basis of the specific dreams and personality of each client, we design contemporary houses, house extensions, apartments, holiday houses and loft conversions. Our architecture is contemporary – with intimacy and a comforting atmosphere!

planning + infrastructure

The professional competence in YAJ architects include planning and design oriented infrastructure such as bridges, terminals, train/coach stations, railroads and roads. Contextuality, integration and sustainability are key concepts in our work within planning and infrastructure.

design philosophy

We are driven by three main ambitions:

… to make architecture that generates unique sensations

Unique in the sense of the unexpected and unusual. Sensations in the sense of an architecture that makes strong impressions on those who inhabit it.

We place a primary focus on the sensual and poetic in architecture. Therefore, materiality, the play of light, acoustics and tactile qualities are important factors for us in the formation of spaces. By taking advantage of the tension in the relationship between dynamic and contemplative rooms, intimate and grand spaces and the contrast in presence and distance, we strive to create an intense experience of architecture.

Our architecture is context specificity and therefore unique. Due to our working processes every project is deeply rooted in its context – including both physical aspects such as landscape and its formations; cityscape and its structures, typologies and geometries; local materials and techniques; as well as intangible aspects such as historical, political and social contexts of each project, and also traditions, stories and tales from the specific place of each project.

In the concept of context we also include the corporate identities and brand values of our clients. Our architecture therefore plays a key role in branding.

Every project has its very own very specific conditions and intentions. By taking that seriously, our architecture becomes unique and one of its kind.

... to create a maximum of consistency in the relationship between idea and material

- both in the overall whole, as well as in the small details.

... to make architecture that leads us towards a greener planet

Our environmental conscience permeates all of our projects: Minimum environmental impact and maximum care in the use of resources.

ylva lindstedt + jonas nyberg

YAJ was established in 1999, and is run actively since 2006 by the architects SAR/MSA Ylva Lindstedt and Jonas Nyberg. They are educated at the School of Architecture at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. Additionally, they have studied in Denmark both at The School of Architecture at The Royal Danish Academy of Art in Copenhagen, as well as The Aarhus School of Architecture. Their professional practice consists of work, not only in Sweden, but also in London and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ylva Lindstedt also works as a guest teacher and critic at The School of Architecture at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.